Meet our Chapter Officers

Assuming leadership of a H.O.G.® chapter is no small task - we are extremely grateful to our volunteers

Fanie Haarhoff

Sponsoring Dealer

Tony Raffa

Chapter Manager

Bennie Van Niekerk

Chapter Director

Keith Lee

Asst Chapter Director: Events

Eugene de Beer

Asst Director: Admin

Anton Wheeler


Deon Ferreira


Martin Smith

Head Road Captain

Annemarie Wheeler


Annemarie Wheeler



Head Lead / Sweep

Deon Ferreira

Head Safety Officer

Peter Malan-Cameron

Head Biker Buddy

Johan Olivier

Training Officer

Marionette Peens

Chapter Membership Officer

Marioette Peens

Activities Officer

Annemarie Wheeler

Head Photographer

Elle Eloff

Ladies of Harley Officer

Johan van Niekerk

Membership Officer

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