Breakfast Run Geesvang

12th International Female Ride Day

LOH Ladies Night

Battle of the Customs

H.O.G. Nights!

Sunrise Monster

Braai day at Lagom

Battle of the Potjie Kings

Ladies Only Garage Party

Breakfast Run

LOH Woman's Day

Customer Appreciation Day - Johannesburg

Biker Buddy Training

9/11 Memorial Ride

LOH Last Meeting

Meet and Ride

Breakfast Run

Activities Committee

Breakfast Run

H.O.G. Pretoria celebrates a great year!

1st Breakfast Run for 2019

Super Saturday

Spring Rally 2019

Annual General Meeting - 2019

Graphic Designer position open

Hardly Dangerous Games

Meet and Ride

LOH First Ride

New (and old) Members Pack Rider Training (PRT)

Pillion Training

Breakfast Run

International Female Ride

Urgent Notice from the Chapter Secretary

Super Saturday

Charity Coins for sale

New (and old) Members Pack Rider Training (PRT)

LOH Woman's Day ride

Cars in the park

Super Saturday

Spring Rally Geesvang

Spring Rally - Thursday Pack

Spring Rally - Friday Pack

Informative talk on motorcycle safety

Safe Rider Skills Training

Public Holiday - Potjie Competition

White Elephant Sale

Food Chain Vouchers


Gentlemen's Ride

LOH Get-together

Sunrise Monster

Breakfast Run - Super Sunday

New (and old) Members Pack Rider Training (PRT)

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